Livingston County’s newly elected congresswoman has kept one of her campaign promises on her first day on the job.

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi was elected speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives this afternoon. The final vote for Pelosi for speaker was 220 and 192 for Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California. A significant number of the Democratic Party's candidates pledged to not back Pelosi for speaker after years of Republican ads casting her as a dangerous liberal. Pelosi clinched her election last month after promising to serve no more than four more years in the job. Of the 15 Democrats who didn't support Pelosi, 10 were incoming members. Twelve backed other Democrats and three voted "present." 8th District freshman Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin was among those three. Instead of casting a vote for Pelosi, Slotkin registered as "present" after the new Congress convened today. In voting present, the Holly Democrat kept her promise after earlier pledging to not support Pelosi on the campaign trail. There was no Democratic challenger running against Pelosi for the position.

Prior to the vote, Slotkin expressed that she felt it was important to stick to her integrity for her very first vote. Slotkin said she and Pelosi share a very respectful relationship but reiterated that she was going to be consistent and as such, would not be supporting Pelosi on the floor today. (JM)