Livingston County’s newest congresswoman is donating her paycheck during the ongoing government shutdown.

The nearly two-week-old shutdown has crippled agencies and furloughed hundreds of thousands of workers. In a social media post, 8th District Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin stated she fundamentally disagrees with a policy that allows members of congress to receive a salary during the government shutdown while federal workers continue to go without pay. Until it re-opens, the Holly Democrat has pledged to donate her paycheck. Slotkin issued a formal letter to administration stating the same.

Slotkin says as a former federal employee who was personally responsible for managing the furloughing of hundreds of personnel at the Department of Defense, due to sequestration and then due to a 17-day government shutdown, she has seen up close the damage that a government shutdown has on the mission of federal departments and the morale of federal personnel. (JM)