Michigan’s new 8th District Congresswoman-elect was in Livingston County yesterday to meet and greet with constituents.

Democrat Elissa Slotkin made a stop at Great Harvest Bread Company in Brighton, Thursday afternoon, hot on the heels of her Election Day victory over Republican-incumbent Mike Bishop. Slotkin spoke to the crowd for a few moments, thanking them for their support and sharing her goals for when she gets to Washington. She then shook hands, took pictures and even signed some autographs.

With the district being fairly divided in her race, she extended an olive branch to Bishop’s supporters, saying that just because they didn’t vote for her, that doesn’t mean she won’t work for them. Slotkin thanked Bishop and his family for their graciousness during this transition time. She said Bishop has offered to have his staff sit down with hers to hand over constituent cases and help everything go as smoothly as it can.

Slotkin said she sees her win as the beginning of the rise of the “Midwestern Democrat.” The Midwestern Democrat, to her, is someone who is “practical, reasonable, independently minded, and willing to work across the aisle.” The other important thing she said they believe in, is that “every American deserves a fair shake. No more, no less.”

Slotkin said the first bill she has been pushing for is for campaign finance reform. She commented on the large amount of corporate PAC money that was brought into her race and that how it poisons the system. Second is finding a health care solution that works and is affordable for everybody.

The Congresswoman-elect said she plans to have town hall meetings every 3 months, coffee-sessions, and a run an office with lots of open communication with the public.

When asked about the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and how the new Democrat majority will protect special-council investigator Robert Mueller, Slotkin said she’s not sure how the incoming majority will act, as she’s not in office yet. She said she was voted in to take action, however, and won’t let issues like this stall out for years at a time. (MK)