An artist and Fenton native will create a unique mural on the exterior wall of a downtown business next week.

The exterior of El Topo's building will display the creativity and expression of Artist Kevin Burdick. He will spray paint an original mural of concept art that he designed specifically for El Topo onto the east exterior wall of the building. All are welcome to watch the action and transformation next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 11am to 3pm, as Burdick takes the blank canvas wall of El Topo and turns it into a conversation piece and future landmark in Downtown Fenton. The Fenton Arts Council is sponsoring the project. The inspiration for the mural includes colors from the Mexico flag—red, green, and white. The eagle is symbolic of Mexico City and also has a connection to sightings of eagles in Fenton. The fox is said to be representative of Burdick’s connection back to Fenton. Meanwhile, Burdick is slated to create another design for the “Arts Are the Heart” event at Rackham Park in Fenton on May 18th, again sponsored by The Fenton Arts Council.

For more information about Kevin and his work, visit his website at For more information about the upcoming events, visit The link is provided. Facebook Photo, Kevin Burdick design. (JM)