By Mike Kruzman /

A long term nursing care facility in Milford is asking the community for help in perking up the spirits of their residents during the shutdown.

Mallory Montcastle is the Social Services Director at Medilodge of Milford. While the COVID-19 crisis has much of the world isolating, this is perhaps nowhere bigger felt than at nursing homes like Medilodge. Montcastle, who works to assess the psycho-social needs of their residents, said even the little things can be a big help in raising spirits there. And when one resident recently got a package with cookies from their son, Montcastle said she saw the positive effect it had and it gave her an idea to ask the community to send cards. She says they are looking for cards that focus on the positive, and with it being springtime, anything with flowers or an uplifting message be a real positive. She told WHMI, “…basically, letting people know they’re not alone and thought about. Because in the community, especially under lockdown, sometimes they feel like they very much are alone, and no one is thinking of them during this time.”

Montcastle says residents have better health outcomes if they have better moods. She is asking that the cards be made out anonymously so that they can grab one for someone who might be having a tough day, and lift them up. All letters and packages will be held for 3 days for decontamination purposes, so as not to expose these vulnerable residents.

Send cards to:
Medilodge of Milford
555 Highland Ave
Milford, MI 48381

(Photo- Medilodge of Milford Facebook)