A Highland Township couple is due back in court this week after an assisted living facility was raided by narcotics officers.

The Oakland County Narcotic Enforcement Team executed a search warrant August 2nd at the home on Essay Lane in Holly. 45-year-old Angela Cockerham of Highland Township served as the facility manager for the adult assisted living home. Her husband, 48-year-old Russell Cockerham, reportedly lived at the home, but was not listed as an adult household member. Neither were her two adult children, who were also living at the home. Authorities say a search warrant was obtained after an investigation into delivery of cocaine. Once on the premises, officers said they found cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and morphine, along with firearms and packaging materials associated with drug trafficking.

Officials say while the residents appeared to be in good health with no obvious signs of neglect, Michigan Adult Protective Services was contacted and notified of the incident. Russell Cockerham was charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver ecstasy, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of morphine, being a felon in possession of a firearm and five counts of felony firearm. Angela Cockerham is charged with one count of cocaine possession.

The couple is scheduled for a probable cause hearing Thursday in Oakland County District Court in Novi. (JK)