Recovery efforts that had been ongoing since Sunday afternoon resumed this morning, with members of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dive Rescue Team, Marine Division, and Aviation Unit. Utilizing side scan sonar equipment, divers were able to locate the body at approximately 10:20am in 25 feet of water near the center of the lake. Divers immediately retrieved the body of the victim; a 55-year-old Hartland man who has not yet been identified.

The victim was last seen Sunday on the south end of White Lake, swimming around and beneath a pontoon boat. The man’s wife said her husband went underneath the boat but did not resurface, prompting her to call for a Marine Deputy who was patrolling the lake. The Sheriff’s Dive Team was activated and responded to the scene around 3:30pm, along with the White Lake Police Department, and White Lake and Highland Township Fire Departments.

Rescue efforts were initiated from the point at which the man was last seen in the water and the search continued without success until the early morning hours of Monday, at which time the search was temporarily suspended due to the darkness. The search resumed later that morning, but was once again suspended due to low visibility and again in the evening as a result of inclement weather.

Following this morning’s discovery, the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office took custody of the deceased and an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday. The Sheriff’s Office reports the lake and surrounding roads are now open, and boaters may resume normal activity. (DK)