A photographer who’s spent the last decade capturing pictures of Detroit is holding a special presentation in Brighton later this month. Bob Huston started taking photographs of Detroit, documenting the changes taking place beginning in 2008. He’s spent the time since focusing on some of the Motor City’s most historic and forgotten structures, but keeping the photographs within a positive context.

Huston sees Detroit as being unique in having a “graveyard of skyscrapers” and levels of abandonment that no other city has. The aim of his photography was to document these buildings and show them as pieces of history, art and craftsmanship. These pictures have become his project, Detroit Unseen.

On Wednesday, June 26th, Huston will present Detroit Unseen at the Brighton District Library, from 6:30 – 8:30pm. He’ll take attendees on a tour of the city through his pictures, highlighting their histories, and sharing his insight on how Detroit came to this point, and how they’ve managed to save many of these buildings from extinction. Huston says, in a release from the library, that despite being saddened by the loss of a building or history, he enjoys documenting the changes, and that he hopes city planners, investors, and speculators help Detroit hold onto its rich culture and iconic history.

Registration is now open for this special event, which is being sponsored by the Friends of the Brighton District Library.(Photos: Detroit Unseen - Facebook) (MK)