A partnership with local dentists will once again allow Gleaners Community Food Bank to put food on the table for thousands of people in Livingston County.

As they have for several years, local dental patients have been choosing to donate the bits of gold, palladium, or other precious metals removed from their old dental work to a good cause. Nearly $43,000 was recently presented to Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan by donations collected by the Gold for Food program.

Started in 1996 by Dr. Fredric Bonine of Brighton, participating dentists collect patients’ old restorations and these are then sent to a refinery where they are then smelted, with the proceeds donated to Gleaners. This year the precious metals amounted to a value of $21,499, which was matched by Kroger, for a total donation of $42,999. The total amount donated by the program through the years to Gleaners Food Bank is almost $360,000.

Dr. Bonine says patents who want to take part should inquire at their local dentist’s office if they participate in the Gold for Food program.

Pictured left to right is Dr. Virginia Eick, Dr. Jonathan Birchmeier, Dr. Gwynne Attarian, Dr. Fredric Bonine, Julie Beamer, Chief Operating Officer of Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, Dr. William Metz, Dr. Brad Rondeau and Dr. Walter Goodell. Other area dentists involved in the program are Dr. Matthew Matuszak, Dr. Tara Wilson, Dr. Todd Charlick, Dr. Melissa Shalhoub, Dr. Michelle Andrusyszyn and Dr. Christina Scanlon. (JK)