Demolition of an unsafe structure is proceeding Friday in the City of Howell.

City Council earlier awarded a demolition contract for the house and garage structure at 816 McPherson, which was earlier deemed unsanitary and uninhabitable. The City began dangerous building procedures last year and the condemnation process proceeded through the local court system. Environmental remediation was deemed not necessary and the final step is now demolition.

Howell City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI the City deemed the house to be unsafe and it was ultimately condemned. He says Council awarded the contract a few meetings ago and the contractor is now ready to move so they’ll begin the demolition process this Friday. He noted the physical demolition won’t take long but the clean-up of the site will take a few days.

The demolition contract was awarded to the low bidder, TLS Construction, for an amount not to exceed $19,500. The cost of demolition will be attached to the property. The owner has been notified of the pending demolition multiple times and will be given a final opportunity to enter the property. (JM)