Livingston County Democrats will host a presentation this week on the importance of the 2020 census and the public is invited to attend.

Every person counts, especially when it comes to the 2020 census according to the local party. During their monthly meeting this Thursday, information will be provided about how to make sure every person in Michigan is counted for next year’s census. The census will determine how many representatives Michigan has in the U.S. House, how many votes Michigan will have in the Electoral College, and how much money the state will receive from the federal government. This year, about 40% of Michigan's $55.4 billion budget is said to come from the federal government and helps pay for programs such as Medicaid. The featured speaker during the meeting will be Ethan Hayes, who will talk to party members and the public about how Livingston County residents can get involved - including landing a paid job for the U.S. Census. Hayes is a Recruiting Assistant for the Field Division covering Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Monroe Counties for the U.S. Census Bureau. The presentation will start at 7pm this Thursday at the Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton. The monthly business meeting will follow and members will be voting on the proposed bylaws changes.

For more information, call 810-229-4212 or email (JM)