Area Democrats have banded together to put thousands of meals on the tables of local families-in-need this holiday season.

Livingston County Democrats made a donation equivalent to 7,847 meals to Gleaner’s Community Food Bank in December. Party members showed their generosity through on-line monetary gifts, along with contributions of cash, checks, and non-perishable food brought to the Democrat’s holiday party on December 1st. This isn’t the first time they’ve helped out families struggling to put food on the table, either, as this food drive is part of a tradition of community involvement that goes back more than a quarter of a century.

Chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party Judy Daubenmier said the party “really stepped up this year demonstrating compassion and empathy for those in the community who have less.” She told WHMI that there are “nothing like victories in November to help put Democrats in a giving mood in December.”

The 7,800 meals collected this year are more than double what they brought in during the 2017 holiday season. (MK)