A second response vehicle and additional team members have been added to the Livingston County Disaster Assistance Response Team, better known as DART.

Now in its 7th year of operation, DART is an all-volunteer, independent organization committed to the health and well-being of firefighters, EMS, local police and other First Responders at the scene of house fires and other disasters.

The group’s second truck will be housed at Hamburg Fire Station #11 on M-36 in Hamburg Township and will cover the southern half of Livingston County. The group’s North truck is housed at Latson Road near M-59 in a garage is located near Howell Fire Station #22. Recently the two teams that make up Livingston County DART gathered together for a group photo, with 22 volunteers taking part.

DART has been in operation since February of 2012 and has assisted in the development of similar Disaster Response Teams in Washtenaw and Jackson County, with an additional Response Team currently being formed in Berrien County.

DART also recently awarded the Whitmore Lake McDonalds with a Certificate of Appreciation for their generous support of the County’s First Responders during the recent Rushton Road structure fire. DART Team Leaders Jeff Robinson and Emily Newman presented General Manager Dean Porter with the award (bottom pic), stating that it is this type of support between their organization and local businesses that make Livingston County such a wonderful community in which to live. (JK)