Road improvement projects are being considered by Brighton Township officials who are trying to determine how to spend what little road money is available in 2018.

As road funding is lacking in the state as a whole, most municipalities have taken it upon themselves to do what they can to fund road repairs or entire rehabilitation. Brighton Township is no exception and has been investing into road improvements since 2014.

The township’s Board of Trustees met for a budget work session Monday and reviewed a map of roads considered to be in poor condition based on a Paser rating. The Paser scale is from zero to ten, with ten being a newly constructed road. A number of roads in the township are rated a two or three, prompting officials to explore which ones are most in need and what the township’s budget can cover. After discussing the estimated cost of repairs, traffic volume and location, the board decided the stretch of Culver Road from Spencer to Pleasant Valley Road could be a good candidate. Current numbers indicate the project would cost around $1,056,000.

Township Manager Brian Vick says another potential project is a culvert on the north end of Pleasant Valley Road that has been out for a number of years. Vick says in terms of funding the estimated $420,000 project, the township is hoping to take the Road Commission up on a 50/50 cost share.

Vick says he will take the board’s input on both projects to the Road Commission, and come back with a more detailed estimate and information on fund availability. (DK)