By Jessica Mathews /

A lengthy but much-anticipated project on Crooked Lake Road starts today in Genoa Township.

The total project encompasses slightly more than two miles on Crooked Lake Road from Dorr Road to Latson Road. It involves road reconstruction and asphalt paving from Latson Road to Fishbeck Road and then pavement rehabilitation from Fishbeck Road to Dorr Road, with all necessary related work.

At Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting, the board approved the project agreement at a cost of approximately $3.4 (m) million. The township is paying a cost not to exceed roughly $1.7 (m) million and the Livingston County Road Commission is paying the balance.

Supervisor Bill Rogers told WHMI their manager and board have long agreed it needed to get it done so the township has been putting money away and the work is finally going to happen. Rogers noted he’s always said that Crooked Lake Road should have been paved when they did Latson Road or at least the one little section of it but now the entire road is getting done.

In working with the Road Commission, he said more issues were discovered from Dorr Road down to Latson Road in regard to where there might be curves and different conditions of the road. Rogers added the township works to prioritize road projects but Crooked Lake Road has been on the books for a long time.

There will be high traffic impacts associated with the project up until early summer. Crooked Lake Road is closed to thru-traffic as of today but access to residential homes will be maintained. It was stated during the meeting that work will begin with utility relocation and tree removals. The estimated completion date is July 1st. Access to Three Fires Elementary School will be maintained from Latson Road while school is in session.

A detour map is attached. Google Street View photo middle.