An author from Milford will again share her stories and experiences of making un-paralleled pies in bakeries from New York to Detroit.

Lisa Ludwinski is the founder of Sister Pie Bakery, and author of 2019 Michigan Notable Book, "Sister Pie: Recipes and Stories from a Big Hearted Bakery in Detroit". This Monday at 7pm, the Hartland Cromaine District Library will host a presentation from the baker and entrepreneur.

Ludwinski spent six years in New York, working at several well-regarded establishments including the Four & Twenty Blackbirds eatery in Brooklyn. Working in that environment, she said, was a formative experience that helped her realize she wanted to embark on her own pie-making adventure. She came back, and started Sister Pie bakery in her parent’s kitchen in Milford, before setting up shop permanently in Detroit’s West Village.

At Monday's event, Ludwinski will talk about the writing process of her book, and the home-baker’s-perspective style she’s written it under. She’ll read sections, take questions from the audience, and sign books afterwards. The program is a gift of the Friends of Cromaine Library to commemorate the longtime career of Cromaine retiree Sallie Brodie. You’ll find details through the link below. (JK)