Library users in Hartland will have a couple of weeks without the use of the facility.

Starting today, Hartland's Cromaine Library will be closed through Tuesday, August 20th for renovation work. The work involves public areas that were not part of the 2017 renovation, including replacing carpet and repainting some of the walls. Library officials say the carpet replacement was delayed as its ten-year lifespan only expired last year and they wanted to keep the library open as long as possible for the community despite the added challenges of the renovation. They add that the two weeks before school starts is typically the slowest period of the year.

All of the work is consistent with the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan goal of improving the library as a destination. Patrons are encouraged to monitor Facebook, Twitter and read the Cromaine Connector’s blog posts to keep up on the renovation work as well as ways to use the library without actually being inside the building itself. (JK)