By Jessica Mathews /

Pinckney Community Schools are partnering with the Livingston County Health Department to host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

At a recent Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Rick Todd told the board that the district is working with the Health Department to host the vaccination clinic in front of the Pathfinder School on Saturday, June 26th. A separate clinic was recently held in Fowlerville, which Todd said is part of ongoing efforts to increase vaccinations in certain parts of Livingston County.

Todd said the Health Department is really trying to really reach the western part of the county such as Unadilla and Gregory, and even the further west part of Fowlerville and Howell. He noted it has been a struggling area and they plan to focus on those areas for Livingston County. Todd noted that plans are in place for the district’s clinic, which will be a drive-thru event and have people staged in their cars in the parking lot. He added they’re excited to continue working with the department and do their part to help everybody move forward.

In a recent COVID-19 update issued by the Health Department, it was reported that Livingston County has seen a decrease in the number of confirmed and probable cases. Officials said the reduction in the case count and test positivity rate reflect both the continued effort of residents to choose safe activities and practice risk mitigation strategies, as well as an increase in COVID-19 vaccinations in Livingston County.

More information about the upcoming vaccine clinic at Pathfinder School is expected to be released at a later date.