By Jessica Mathews /

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Livingston County and local health officials say 7-day test positivity rates reached record highs.

The Livingston County Health Department released its latest COVID-19 report Friday.

Over the month of December, there were 4,934 total cases or an average of 160 cases per day. That is said to mark a 7% decrease when compared to the November cases in Livingston County. However, the Department says case counts have sharply increased since December 27th through the beginning of January.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the COVID-19 transmission level in Livingston County remains high as defined by a test positivity rate greater than or equal to 10%. This past week, Livingston County’s 7-day test positivity rate reached record highs. On January 3rd, Livingston County reported a 7-day test positivity rate of 28.2%.

The Health Department says the upswings are likely due to increased indoor gatherings surrounding holiday celebrations, as well as the transmission of the Omicron variant throughout the community.

The report states the increased cases have put additional strain on the local hospital system, which is reporting operating at full capacity for the third consecutive month. Due to the high level of COVID-19 transmission and strain on local healthcare systems, Livingston County Health Department recommends residents take extra precautions.

The Department noted the CDC has also updated its isolation and quarantine guidance for the general public. The new guidance will result in shortened isolation and quarantine periods for many individuals.

The full report is attached.