By Jon King /

Livingston County’s trial court administrator has stepped down, with a familiar face taking up that position.

Roberta Sacharski recently resigned her position as trial court administrator so she could return to private practice. Sacharski, a Howell resident and one-time Livingston County Probate Register, took up the position in March of 2018, succeeding John Evans when he retired. Ironically, Evans is now succeeding her as he returns to his former position, which manages and coordinates the administrative functions of the trial courts, including fiscal and personnel management.

Sacharski said it has been her pleasure to serve the Court and while there has been “a great amount of change…what remains constant is the dedication and commitment of Court employees…who have shown resiliency in the face of adversity and change, and have displayed such strength and courage in their continued service to the public throughout this pandemic. It has been my privilege to lead such an amazing team of individuals and I will reflect fondly on my time with the Courts.”

Livingston County Chief Judge Michael Hatty, who made the decision to bring back Evans, told WHMI that he thanks Sacharski for her service and wishes her the best of luck in the return to private practice, and that he is very happy to have Evans back in his old position, noting that he gave great service to the county before.

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