The Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments has announced new project funding that will, in part, benefit Livingston County. SEMCOG announced this past week that they are awarding more than $300,000 in Planning Assistance Program funding for 9 projects to local communities. Livingston County will receive $30,000 for the development of a multi-community trail network plan between Huron-Clinton Metroparks and neighboring municipalities.

SEMCOG Exectutive Director Kathleen Lomako said that the program “enables Southeast Michigan’s counties and local governments to move forward on key issues and coordinate their efforts to improve quality of life at the local level and region-wide.”

Neighboring Washtenaw County will also be receiving $30,000 to be used for developing an implantation plan for restoring the Paint Creek headwaters.

The projects for Planning Assistance funding awardswere selected by SEMCOG’s Regional Review Committee, which is made up of local elected officials across SEMCOG’s 7-county jurisdiction. (MK)