By Mike Kruzman /

Several local governments and non-profit organizations have received CARES funding from the Livingston County Planning Department.

$176,823 in Community Development Block Grant CARES funding has been distributed to reimburse 9 Livingston County governmental units and 2 non-profits for eligible COVID expenses.

Those expenses include money that was spent on deep cleanings of government facilities, Plexiglas barriers, sanitizers, masks, gloves, other PPE, extra uniform cleaning, and social distancing signage.

The two non-profit recipients were assisted with office modifications that allowed them to more safely serve clientele through the pandemic.

As an example, Livingston County Catholic Charities daycare program, Be Our Guest Adult Day, was reimbursed for a wall that was removed to allow for extra space while maintaining social distancing. They also were able to purchase additional tables, crafts, musical instruments, and exercise equipment with grant funding to create a supply box for each guest and decrease sharing to minimize the risk of spread.