Livingston County’s leaders are considering establishing a committee that would be tasked with ensuring an accurate and complete population count is gathered for the area in the 2020 Census.

A memo to the county’s Board of Commissioners states that the purpose of the Complete Count Committee will be to advise and assist in the process by increasing the number of county responses through a focused and structured neighbor to neighbor program. Officials say the committee will also utilize the knowledge, expertise and influence of each committee member to design and implement a census awareness campaign targeted to the Livingston County community.

A resolution to establish the committee came before a county subcommittee for consideration on Monday. It passed unanimously but must still receive final approval from the Board of Commissioners. County Administrator Ken Hinton says that the committee will consist of at least eight but no more than 20 members representing the region. Hinton says the county will solicit interest to select committee members who will serve from October 1st through and including April 30th, 2020. The committee chairperson will be appointed by the Board of Commissioners Chairperson, Don Parker. The committee will be responsible for planning and conducting local educational initiatives and materials, and will meet at least every three months but can meet more often if needed.

Hinton told officials that there is no budget estimate currently available regarding how much the county will spend to establish the committee. (DK)