By Mike Kruzman /

A second grant application for a potential new facility for the Livingston Essential Transportation Service has been approved.

LETS was requesting authorization to apply for $10-million of funding under the FY 2021 5339(b) Bus and Bus Facilities Discretionary Grant Program, according to a letter from County Transportation Director Greg Kellogg to the Board of Commissioners.

If awarded, LETS would seek to purchase land in the Brighton area for the construction of a new facility. The facility would serve as a satellite operations center for LETS, along with being a transit hub for Michigan Flyer, which currently uses the parking lot at the Brighton Meijer.

LETS has already submitted one application for funding for this project through the FY 2021 RAISE Discretionary Grant Program, in July. Kellogg notes that the RAISE grant is highly competitive and that the Federal Transit Administration has yet to announce its award winners. He sees applying for this second grant as an opportunity to maximize their chances of success.

The deadline to apply for the Bus and Bus Facilities Discretionary Grant is November 19th. The Board of Commissioners approved the application request Monday as part of their consent agenda.