Livingston County's Commissioners have taken a wage freeze since 2009 and the Board has decided to continue to waive any increase in their wages for the years 2019 and 2020.

Board Chair Don Parker will continue to be paid $18,114, Vice Chair Dennis Dolan will be paid $16,024 and board members will each be paid $15,326. A resolution setting the compensation for 2019 and 2020 was approved by the Board of Commissioners at a recent meeting.

The resolution comes shortly after the board adopted the county’s budget for 2019. The budget, which has a general fund balance of approximately $50 million, will allow the county to maintain current service levels and leverage additional funds to increase public transportation services.

While commissioners’ compensation and current service levels will remain the same in the coming year, there are a few changes reflected in the 2019 budget. County Administrator Ken Hinton previously told WHMI one example is appropriations for indigent defense as required by state law. There is also a budgeting change for the county’s court system, as it will soon eliminate one district court judgeship and add a circuit court judgeship. (DK)