By Mike Kruzman /

Livingston County Commissioners have approved budget amendments for several projects that weren’t able to be completed largely due to supply chain issues.

At their meeting Monday night, Commissioners reviewed a proposed amendment to carry forward approved projects from 2021 into this year. The resolution states that the purchase orders liquidated in 2021 will be reissued as 2022 purchase orders under the same departments and accounts previously authorized.

Projects affected are as follows: more secure employee parking at the Sheriff’s Office; office renovation services from architects and furniture at the jail; 6 replacement small buses, 2 medium duty buses, and 2 replacement transit vans for the Livingston Essential Transportation Service; carpet replacement in multiple building through Facility Services; and new equipment in the IT department. County Financial Officer Cindy Arbanas the majority of the amendments are needed due to ordering delay issues and the items not coming in.

Commissioner Jay Gross noted that the amendments are all expenditures and asked if there were any revenues coming in. Arbanas said those will happen down the line, particularly for grant funded items like the buses. She said the other items will be paid for through the capital improvement fund, or through internal service funds and will get charged back to the department.

Commissioners approved the amendment unanimously.