By Mike Kruzman /

An agreement between the County and City of Howell will pave the way for a new public restroom downtown.

Livingston County Director of Facility Services Chris Folts was before the Board of Commissioners, Monday, with a general easement agreement for their consideration. He wrote in a memo that the Cityof Howell is requesting an easement for the purpose of constructing a public restroom on County property. That 1,400 square-foot property is located at the corner of Clinton Street and Court Street.

Before it was put up for a vote, Commissioner Jay Drick asked that a couple potential issues be addressed- one from Commissioner Martin Smith, the other from himself. Those issues included having a maintenance agreement in place and an exit clause present and available to use, if needed.

Folts said that they are on board with that and are having the attorneys work on it. The City of Howell will be responsible for all construction costs and ongoing maintenance.

Folts wrote that this proposed project will be a benefit to all Livingston County residents visiting the downtown area.

The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the easement resolution.