The Livingston County Board of Commissioners meets tonight and will take up a resolution establishing proposed compensation for members of the Board of County Canvassers.

Two subcommittees ironed out details during meetings last week. The General Government & Health Human Services Committee met last Monday and heard a request from Clerk Elizabeth Hundley to establish new pay rates for the Board of Canvassers and any assistants employed by that board. It only meets during election years and Hundley stated they try to be as efficient as they can but also put in very long days, especially during November canvasses. The current compensation has not been increased since it was established on December 1st of 1986. A per diem rate of $40 is proposed for working 4 hours or less per day while a per diem rate of $70 would be paid for over four hours per day. Meal reimbursements would be provided when convened for more than four hours.

Committee Chair Bob Bezotte and other commissioners agreed it was appropriate to keep up with the times and commended Hundley for all of the background information and research provided. Bezotte told WHMI they haven’t made any compensation changes since 1986 and feels it’s about time because it’s something the clerk needs. He says canvassers need to be highly trained and qualified, thus he feels compensation is part of that to draw in good people to be part of that system. Bezotte said solidifying election results is a very important part of the system and when you look at big picture in that the board only convenes during elections every two or four years, it’s not a lot of money to try and get good people.

The item next went to the Finance Committee and did receive approval there but with some changes. As originally proposed, Clerk Hundley requested a mileage rate reimbursement at the IRS established rate of 58-cents per mile versus the county rate of 40-cents per mile. After Finance Committee, the recommendation consensus was the Livingston County standard. It’s possible that in upcoming budget talks, the county may revisit the standard to come into line with the IRS standard. The modified resolution will be taken up during Monday night’s Board of Commissioners meeting. It starts at 7:30pm in board chambers of the administration building. (JM)