Livingston County officials have approved a contract that will continue a partnership with an organization dedicated to promoting local economic development.

The county’s Board of Commissioners last week approved a three-year contract at an annual rate of $175,000 with the Economic Development Council of Livingston County, or the EDCLC. The EDCLC works to provide economic development services for the area and contracts Ann Arbor SPARK to provide business recruitment and retention services in the region.

In addition to past growth, EDCLC Board Chair Ron Long says the partnership is working on some possible projects that could soon come to fruition. Long says, “…we’ve got a number of large, potential investments here in the county that we’re working hard here to cross the finish line and we’re looking forward to continue making Livingston County a great place to work, play and live. Also looking forward to continuing to increase the tax base here in Livingston County that benefits all the residents.”

The contract with the EDCLC includes a clause that calls for an annual review of the partnership’s progress to be presented to county officials. The decision to approve the contract comes less than two weeks after a vote to approve a similar contract failed by a board of commissioners’ vote. The original contract had previously gained a subcommittee’s approval for recommendation; however it failed when it reached the board of commissioners, which includes commissioners that are also members of said subcommittee.

The contract was revised to then include a provision allowing early termination at December 31, 2019 or December 31st, 2020, upon written notification by either party no later than 30 days prior to the early termination date. The same county subcommittee voted three to one to recommend approval of the amended agreement, before it came to the board of commissioners, where it finally received approval. (DK)