By Mike Kruzman /

The Livingston County Board of Commissioners has approved a new five-year strategic plan.

Commissioners put the final touches on the new 2022-2026 Strategic Plan at their meeting earlier this week, approving the document unanimously. The process began roughly 8-months ago with the Board incorporating the planning expertise of Dr. Lew Bender, and input from other elected officials and department heads.

The plan identifies a five-year vision in strategic areas such as infrastructure, finances, and county health, along with one year tasks in each for 2022.

As an example, targeted one year tasks for this year in infrastructure include judicial and building site assessments, appointing a committee to continue the County’s broadband efforts, and redesigning the County website, among several other items. With finances, the plan directs determination of how to spend the County’s $37-million American Rescue Plan Act funding, research new revenue streams, and explore innovative ways to fund legacy costs. As for the healthy county area, in regards to County staff and the community, the County will revisit and resume the work for the aging community from a previous plan, conduct an employee wage and benefit survey, and continue their partnerships with Ann Arbor Spark and the Economic Development Council.