By Mike Kruzman /

Needed improvements could be coming to the Livingston County Animal Shelter through a potential grant.

The Board of Commissioners on Monday authorized the application of a Two Seven Oh awards grant, which brings funding to operating municipal shelters for building improvements, sterilization programs, and more. The county animal shelter has the opportunity to be awarded $30,000 in reimbursement funding, with no county match required.

The resolution for the application states that the money would be used towards renovating the dog room. Improvements would include installing windows, outdoor kennels, a bathing station, a sound system, and isolation kennels. These would help reduce the spread of disease, separate aggressive dogs from stray and adoptable dogs, allow for natural sunlight and fresh air in, safe bathing for animals, walkie-talkies for staff, and soothing music through the sound system.

The grant is due no later than this Saturday and improvements must be completed on or before November 1st.

The Board of Commissioners approved the application resolution as part of their consent agenda.