The potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to repair an aging local dam would still be much less than the cost to replace the structure.

In early November, the dam operator for Parshalville Pond and Lake Shannon raised a gate that controls water flow to Lobdell Lake because of high water levels caused by rain. But when he tried to lower the gate, it got stuck causing Lobdell Lake to lose nearly two feet of water. The issue ended being a broken gear that took several days to work around in order to get the gate closed.

However, it still needs a permanent repair and according to the Tri-County Times, the Genesee County Road Commission estimates those costs could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how much work is ultimately decided on. However, replacing the dam could cost as much as $5 million. Argentine Township Supervisor Brian Saad said the dam, which is nearing 100 years in age, should be operational for the next year while they decide how to proceed. (JK)