By Jessica Mathews /

Although a farm near Fowlerville has been selected as part of country star Luke Bryan’s 2021 Farm Tour, permits still need to be secured.

Bryan is scheduled to perform on Saturday, September 18th at Kubiak Family Farms in Conway Township. It’s a sold-out show and the final stop of the summer farm tour. Tickets sold for $56. Bryan, a rural Georgia native, is set to play on six farms in different states in which stages are set up in the fields of local farmers.

A statement on Bryan’s website reads:

“I think I am more excited about this year’s FARM TOUR than any other year,” shared Luke. “Growing up in a farming family in rural Georgia I know how hard farming can be even on a good year, and how hard those families work - from sun-up to sundown. After the challenges we have all faced in the last year with so many people losing their jobs, struggling to put food on their tables, food supply chains jeopardized, grocery stores struggling to keep food on the shelves in some areas, it is so apparent to me, and I hope everyone, why our farmers are truly the backbone of our country. They never stopped providing for all of us. Ever. It’s time to thank our farmers, once again. It’s going to mean even more to me this year.”

There were some questions raised as to whether the show would go on due to some paperwork and liability issues between the township and promoters.

A press release from Conway Township states the board voted to engage the township attorney on July 20th to send relevant communications to the event coordinator regarding the Farm Tour event. It states that at the time of the board directive, the township zoning administrator had not received the necessary supporting documentation to issue the required land use permit for the event and it was not immediately apparent that the information was forthcoming.

Since the meeting and attorney communications, the release says Conway Township is pleased to report it has received several of the requested documents and there is a plan for provision of the remainder of needed information in a timely manner. It states given the current trajectory of the application submissions and initial feedback from Livingston County officials, it appears the township will have a completed application in the near future and be in a position issue a decision on the land use permit in advance of the planned event.

The full release is attached.