Careers in energy were featured at an event Thursday in Hartland Township attended by area high school students.

Parents and students were able to explore career opportunities at Hartland High School on Thursday during an Energy Program Open House. It was open to all area high school students to learn more about high-demand and good-paying jobs available within the energy industry. Consumers Energy natural gas field employees shared their professional experience and were there to guide hands-on demonstrations of plastic pipe fusing for students. Students also learned how they can get involved in the Energy Industry Fundamental (EIF) curriculum so they are prepared to take different positions.

The EIF curriculum was developed by the Center for Energy Workforce Development Agency (CEWD). Available to Hartland High School students, it is a 120-hour, module-based course that covers the foundational knowledge of the energy industry. The instructor-led course comes with free curriculum and supplementary activities. Students who complete the course and pass the national EIF course online receive certification and digital credentials. The course can be offered as a stand-alone elective in high school or college, or can be embedded into an energy industry cluster at the high school CTE or college program level.

The Michigan Workforce Development Agency estimates energy jobs will grow by 6% through 2026. Thursday’s event was one of several taking place across the state during Careers in Energy Week to bring awareness to the more than 108,000 energy-related jobs held by Michigan residents today. (JM)