Work has begun for a new water treatment system in Lyon Township.

An update on the project was brought before the township’s Board of Trustees Monday by Ed Kidston, owner of the company that designed the system, Artesian of Pioneer, Inc. Kidston says a concrete base has been poured for the water tower that will be located at Nine Mile and Griswold Roads. After the base cures and underground piping work wraps out, construction of the 120-foot structure will begin, which Kidston expects to be around Memorial Day.

Kidston also expects construction to begin soon for the system’s first and main plant, or the “Woodwind Plant”, now that permits from the Department of Environmental Quality have been granted. Kidston says one permit in particular was “quite a challenge” to get through, though it will make Lyon Township the first community in the state to reuse the water that was once “backwashed” or wasted, after iron, manganese and other heavy metals are filtered from it.

Kidston says it’s been proven over the last decade that once the water settles, it’s actually cleaner than the water found in wells. After the “backwash” water is treated, 90% of it can be reused instead of deposited into the environment. The process not only promotes a system of recycling, but will save money as the township will no longer have to pay for the water to be discarded.

Kidston’s original goal, as stated in September, was to have one water tower and one treatment plant constructed and running in either late spring or early summer of this year. However he says it’ll like to be closer to the end of fall, due to the unexpectedly lengthy permit-acquisition process. (DK)