An issue of concern during South Lyon’s City Council meeting last week was the possibility of leaves being disposed of and composted at Volunteer Park starting in the Fall.

During the Call to the Public, the man responsible for farming the land on Volunteer Park addressed council members regarding rumors he heard of the property possibly using the land for composting leaves. Acting City Manager and Police Chief Loyd Collins confirmed the possibility stating the talks have been underway since before he took over as acting City Manager. The individual who has been farming the undeveloped extended part of Volunteer Park for the past few years claimed an interest in continuing to farm the land. However, he does not want to see that property used for composting leaves as he feels it will ruin the area. The current process for handling the disposal of leaves involves South Lyon’s Department of Public Works collecting leaves from residents and disposing them at a site paid for by the city. Several council members also voiced their concerns and said they would not like to see the section of Volunteer Park used for composting leaves. Mayor Daniel Pelchat told WHMI that this issue seemed to strike a nerve among council members.

With the issue being on next week’s agenda, Pelchat also stated he thinks it will take a long time for council to come up with a solution. He told WHMI that if the city is not ready to use the land by Fall, council may let the current farmer of the land continue to use the property. (DF)