By Jessica Mathews /

Livingston County residents are being encouraged to attend an upcoming virtual workshop that will be focused on exploring approaches to dismantling systemic racism and provide a foundation for enduring solutions.

In 2017, Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton or CUUB partnered with other organizations to hold the Love Rally in downtown Brighton to stand against hate and white supremacy. More recently, CUUB participated in the Brighton Allies for Racial Justice vigil at the same place, for the same cause. The events were said to be meaningful and officials say they want to maintain an ongoing commitment to racial justice. CUUB’s next step is to host an online workshop for individuals and organizations in Livingston County. The goals are said to be twofold: for individuals to deepen their understanding of systemic racism and to strengthen connections between organizations in Livingston County through a shared experience. The workshop will be facilitated by the Kalamazoo based group, ERACCE or Eliminating Racism and Creating/Celebrating Equity, which was founded in 2000 to help individuals and institutions understand the root causes of U.S. racism and develop strategies for dismantling systemic racism.

The workshop includes two sessions that are each three hours long. It will be held via Zoom next Wednesday and Thursday, October 28 and 29th, from 3-6pm. There is a limit of 40 participants and those interested are asked to RSVP. More information is available in the attached press release.