Howell Public Schools has scheduled a community meeting to share information on its bond proposal that will appear on the May 7th ballot.

The meeting will be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Howell Public Schools Board of Education Room on N. Highlander Way in Howell. Erin MacGregor, Howell Public Schools superintendent, said the meeting will be an opportunity for the community to come and learn about the bond proposal. During the presentation, the administration plans to share the need, their plan and how, if approved, this proposal will provide the district with funding for security upgrades, infrastructure needs, redesigned learning spaces and upgrades to their performing arts and athletics facilities. He said community members will also be able to ask any questions they have about the proposal.

If approved, the Howell Public Schools bond proposal will provide the district with $39 million dollars to fund improvements to each of its 11 buildings. Due to the district’s expected declining debt levy, the proposal is not expected to result in a tax increase for residents. Instead, the debt levy is expected to decline from 6.3 mills to 6.2 mills. You can learn more about the proposal through the link below. (JK)