By Mike Kruzman /

Growing tensions in Haiti aren’t stopping a local church from sending help to the needy.

The small Caribbean country already had the highest hunger rate in the western hemisphere before it was rocked by an August earthquake that killed 2,200 people and left another 12,000 injured. 2|42 Community Church in Genoa Township is calling on volunteers to help pack emergency meals for Haitians struggling with not having enough food at the table. The need is heightened further as tensions in the country are growing due to a gang aggravated fuel shortage and the kidnapping of 17 Christian missionaries that have led to the Biden administration to urge Americans to return home.

The church is aiming to pack 242,000 meals across its seven Michigan locations on November 20th. Volunteers can sign up for a one-hour time slot and take part in the simple four-step process of mixing, weighing, sealing, and shipping emergency meals that can make a real difference in another’s life.

Executive Pastor Eric Rauch said, in a release, that “this is an easy way for families to serve together and make a difference in Haiti. Devoting one hour of time will help feed 100 in need. Donations are also being accepted, with 25-cents covering the cost of one serving. 2|42 is partnering with Lifeline Christian Mission and Haitian Christian Outreach for the packing and delivery of goods.

Two years ago, the church was able to provide this same gesture of generosity to the people of Haiti, with Rauch saying, “We are glad we were able to help, and we are thankful we can send emergency meals again this year.”

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