A plea has been entered by an Oakland County woman in connection to a fatal traffic crash.

18-year-old Sophia Buttazzoni of Commerce Township was a passenger in the car driven by Jordan Watson of Howell the night of October 9th, 2016 when he drove into two Waterford Township homes, killing one of the other passengers in the vehicle. Buttazzoni was charged with one count of allowing an intoxicated individual to drive a motor vehicle causing death and two counts of the same causing serious injury.

Police say the car in question belonged to her father, but she had legal control over it that night and is accused of knowingly allowing Watson to drive while he was intoxicated. He had a blood-alcohol content of 0.32% at the time of the crash, four times the legal driving limit.

Last Thursday she entered a no contest plea in Oakland County Circuit Court to the two lesser counts in exchange for the more serious charge of causing death being dismissed. She’ll be sentenced June 13th.

Watson earlier pleaded no contest to 2nd degree murder for the death of 19-year-old Gage Remsberg of Highland Township, who died from his injuries two months after the crash. Watson was ordered to spend between 19-and-a-half years and 50 years in prison. (JK)