A rezoning request is pending for a new condo project in the City of Howell.

The Howell City Council took the first step at the last meeting and introduced an ordinance for a rezoning of property located at 904 East Clinton Street from a B-4 business designation to PUD or Planned Unit Development that would include the site plan and various conditions. The Planning Commission has already reviewed plans and recommended approval of the Clinton Place project. City Council members expressed a need for the project and housing for the aging population. City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI the 10-unit condominium project is designated for individuals age 55 and older on East Clinton Street, between Park Street and North National. He says it’s currently vacant as a former carwash site that had suffered some fire damage a few years ago. If council adopts the zoning change, Charles anticipates construction on the project this summer and says they’re very excited about the opportunity.

The applicant is requesting some deviations from City standards for front and rear yard setbacks and with the amount of trees on site. In exchange, the applicant would contribute $5,000 for improvements to the neighboring Doc May Park and meet various barrier-free requirements from the driveway and through the garage, living room and bathroom. The project would be restricted to residents age 55 and older and there would be pre-treatment of storm water from the project through the use of bio-swales. Since the request is a rezoning, it does require Council approval. Council will consider full action at Monday night’s meeting. Photo: Google Street View. (JM)