The Livingston County Clerk’s Office is looking to install infrastructure to better secure its Elections Division from public access.

County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley received preliminary approval last week for a resolution to fund the project, which would include the installation of a door that will require swipe card access to employee-only areas as there currently is no door preventing the public from walking into those spaces. Other improvements would include the furnishing and installation of a window system on a new counter area and a new partition area. Hundley says the proposed budget amendment ensures compliance with the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, noting that the focus on security in elections has increased since 2016.

Improvements were made to the Vital Records portion of the Clerk’s Office in 2018; however that was not the case for the Elections Division and funding for the upgrades was rolled over to 2019. The cost of the project would not exceed $8,500. The request will come before the full Board of Commissioners Monday for final approval. (JK)