By Mike Kruzman /

Livingston County’s Clerk is helping make sure voters are prepared as Election Day approaches.

Though some have already cast their ballot by mail, Livingston County Clerk Elizabeth Hundley is helping those that haven’t yet cast their votes to ensure Election Day goes as smoothly as possible. She is reminding everyone to check their registration status before Election Day. If you need to register, you can do so at your local clerk’s office, any Secretary of State branch office, any state agency that provides public assistance, or by mailing a completed voter registration application. Registration through these means must be done by this Monday, October 19th. After Monday, all applications and registrations must be done at your city, township clerk’s office.

If you’d like an absentee ballot, Hundley recommends requesting it now. To avoid possible postal delays, her office recommends requesting or returning a ballot to their township or city clerk if it can’t be in the mail by Monday. Ballots must be returned by 8pm on Election Day. City and township clerks are also required to be open at least 8 hours the weekend of October 31st. Most will take that time on Saturday, but check with your city or township for their exact times.

Finally, if voting in person, locate your polling location before November 3rd. Doing so can save time and prevent frustration on Election Day.

More information and links to these voting resources and more can be found in the .pdf below.