By Jessica Mathews/

Two COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at Cleary University in Genoa Township.

Information about COVID-19 outbreaks associated with educational institutions, as reported by local health departments each week to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, is posted on the state’s coronavirus website. Interim Cleary University President & Provost Emily Barnes said COVID-19 spreads quickly and the ability to maintain a safe campus environment, greatly depends on the decisions made by each member of the community. She says it’s imperative that they act responsibly on and off campus to reduce the spread of the virus on campus. Barnes said they must also be knowledgeable about the risk factors and strictly follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, the Livingston County Health Department, and the experts at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. She noted Cleary University has a robust COVID prevention plan which is being followed by all staff, faculty and students and any incursions against the plan would be dealt with swiftly.

At this time, operations, all other team practices, activities, and classes remain as scheduled. Barnes said if the University documents an uptick in positive case results, that may change but they’re hoping that it will not.