By Jessica Mathews /

A community conversation and workshop on civility is planned next month.

The Livingston Diversity Council is partnering with The Civility Project to host “The Civility Project - A Community Workshop” on Wednesday, March 16th from noon to 1:30pm.

A 2019 Pew Research survey found that 68% of respondents wanted elected officials to “maintain a tone of civility and respect in politics.” Polls revealed that a majority of Americans consider in-civility a big problem, which they worry will lead to increased violence. The Civility Project seeks to help Americans build civility in workplaces, in political spheres, and in any societal gathering of people from different origins and perspectives.

In the workshop, Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson will lead a 90-minute virtual discussion of the importance of civility in current divided times. Participants will engage in two, small group breakout sessions to discuss how they come to their beliefs and what prior experiences inform their politics. The program will include a dive into what civility is, how to build it in personal and professional relationships, and why civility is important to ensure the future of democracy.

Finley is a conservative columnist and editorial writer for the Detroit News, while Henderson is a liberal writer and public radio talk show host. Despite their differing perspectives on pretty much everything, the two have been longtime friends who agree on the importance of mutual respect amid a healthy dose of disagreement.

More information and a registration link are available in the provided link.