Volunteers are needed for an organization that takes to skies to assist during times of trouble. The Civil Air Patrol was formed during World War II and has spent more than 75 years as an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. During of moments of crisis like natural disasters, or when family members or friends are missing, the CAP is often called on to do aerial reconnaissance and perform search and rescue operations. Now, their local affiliate, the Livingston Composite Squadron, is actively seeking senior and youth cadet recruits.

No flying experience is necessary as the CAP will provide all the training and learning materials needed. Those wishing to join are required to attend 3 consecutive meetings of the Livingston Composite Squadron to ensure this is something they are interested in. Volunteers will wear the United States Air Force uniform, participate in basic drills, and receive military training. Continuous aerospace education will take part at weekly meetings. A physical training test is required where hopefuls will have to complete a mile within a certain time limit and perform a predetermined number of pushups based on varying factors.

Application fees are $45 per year for youths, $65 for seniors. The Civil Air Patrol’s Livingston Composite Squadron meets at the National Guard’s Howell Armory every Tuesday, from 6pm until 8:30. More information can be found on their Facebook page through the link below. (Photo- Livingston County Civil Air Patrol Facebook) (MK)