Four streets in the City of Howell will see improvements during the upcoming construction season.

The Howell City Council earlier approved design and engineering for the 2018 Road Program. Work will involve various water main and sanitary sewer improvements, along with asphalt repair and replacement. Some of the streets are in worse shape than others and will involve more extensive work. The total cost of the project including engineering is estimated around $1.3 (m) million.

City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI the intent is to have the design work done and go out to bid mid-summer so sometime after July, they could begin construction. Work will involve the reconstruction of South National Street, resurfacing North Chestnut between Grand River and Clinton Street, Warbler Way and East Brooks Street. That involves a four to five block stretch, which Charles says has some major underground utility work that needs to be addressed.

Park Street was initially included in recommendations for this season, which is in need of surface and utility. However, it was determined the neighborhood would be best served if programmed with the Clinton Street reconstruction project scheduled for 2021. (JM)