By Jessica Mathews /

The City of Howell’s new website is up and running.

The updated website officially launched Monday and a presentation was made during last night’s City Council meeting.

A news alert box is on the front page that used to be a small banner and can be used for various messages such as snow alerts. A video plays on the front page as opposed to still photos and there are new “mega menus” at the top for easier navigation.

Staff, IT and department heads were said to have been working very hard to get it up and running.

City Communications Specialist Danica Katnik told WHMI the new website has a clean, fresh look and a lot of cool features that make it very user-friendly and easy to access information for residents and guests. She noted the website is ADA compliant, marked by a blue icon on the front. Katnik said for example if someone has dyslexia, or needs bigger text or the sound turned up, the website caters to that. She says they’re "really excited about that and being able to communicate with each and every resident, regardless of what their needs are."

City Manager Erv Suida said they’re very proud of the new website and it’s something that needed to be done for quite a long time. He commented that it’s dynamic and will continue to change and evolve and be updated to stay fresh. Featured photos will also be changed to go with the season and coincide with upcoming events. Suida said it’s a good base run and noted that 2022 is the year they really want to get out there and do some good communication with the public.

A new “Howell Hot Topics” page has been created that Suida said was inspired by conversations about having a place to give feedback on controversial issues or other hot button topics going on in the City. A new QR code for cell phones is available that links directly to that new page so people can easily get the updated information they need. Suida said that way whenever something comes up they need to counter or have a discussion on, they can utilize that code and send it out with water bills, invoicing and a newsletter that will be coming out.

The website features additional information on events, dining and shopping options, where parks are located, elections, and how to sign up for boards and commissions or volunteer. There’s also a printable City calendar with information on events and other items, including recycling zones with maps.

A link to the website is provided.