By Jessica Mathews /

The Howell City Council has adopted the budget for the coming year centered on accomplishing various established goals, projects and objectives.

Council met Monday night and approved a resolution adopting the budget and also setting the operational millage and rubbish millage rates. No one spoke during a public hearing prior to the approval.

City Manager Erv Suida told WHMI the 2022/2023 budget was presented and approved, has a reduction of almost 1-mill in the City’s millage rate, due to the Headlee Rollback. All in all, he says that equaled about a $2.8% increase in revenues – so a little less than cost of living but an increase nonetheless. Suida noted staff and the finance director did a great job putting the budget together and they’re looking forward to the next fiscal year.

The budget is said to increase city services for residents while providing flexibility to deal with continued economic uncertainty. Some of the priorities for the upcoming fiscal year include strategic focus on accomplishing the goals and objectives set forth by Council, while also hitting the general fund balance target of 25% and maintaining a 60% or greater MERS funded status amid changing actuarial projections and economic circumstances.

The City is also focused on expanding its ability to communicate and serve residents with a focus on technology utilization.

A memo states the City’s overall taxable value is anticipated to increase by 4.7% in 2022, a $150,000 overall increase in tax revenues.

The budget also continues work on major projects and infrastructure enhancements that include a well improvement project, East Grand River watermain replacement, Lucy Road watermain installation, City Hall renovations, City park/ADA Improvements, along with non-motorized path improvements.

The anticipated 2022-23 budget will end with a General Fund balance of $1.67 million, which is slightly above the targeted fund balance percentage of 20%.