Jessica Mathews /

The City of Howell has received yet another glowing audit report.

Council met Monday night and voted to approve the 2022/2023 audit report following a presentation from the Yeo & Yeo audit firm.

The City received an “unmodified” opinion – which is comparable to an A+ on a report card – reflecting that all of the financial statements were materially correct and the numbers being reported were accurate.

It was noted that general fund revenues were up over the year, which was attributed to federal pandemic relief funding or ARPA funds. Expenses were also up, with the only major change being needed renovations at City Hall. It was stated the City had a healthy fund balance and was in a good position.

A representative from the audit firm commented during the meeting there were no findings or recommendations to report, no material weaknesses, and no significant deficiencies – adding “everything was fantastic and the books were in excellent financial shape”.

City Manager Erv Suida told WHMI the City is in a good position and their team did an excellent job. He said they’re very proud of their finance staff, who are relatively new, and they did an excellent job again – which was exciting to see and very good news from an audit standpoint.